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Erik Hauser
Experiential Methodology Strategist & ECD

I'm a world recognized thought leader, creative in brand strategy, experiential methodology, shopper marketing and deploying new media and technologies. My thinking assists (CPG to service) brands to stretch their thinking so far ahead that the curve isn't even visible in their rear view mirror. I'm a firm believer that a brand is a summation of the experiences that it provides its customers. I know that there are various modalities of experience, but each is extremely integral in understanding the customer brand relationship. After running my extremely successful boutique shop, Swivel Media, in San Francisco, I moved on to be the VP, Executive Creative Director for a division of HAVAS.

Currently, I'm working inside my super-boutique epicenteRx (consultancy) and the my EMF global property. EpicenteRx's goal is to transform the way that consumers experience brands. We utilize the appropriate media for our clients by spending their money where their intended audiences spend their time. I created the homes of Experiential Methodology (The Experiential Marketing Forum http://experientialforum.com) in April of 2004. It is within that community that I began to lead the way in teaching experiential marketing methodology worldwide. Today the EMF tens of thousands of members from every country and sovereign nation recognized by the UN and then some. I believe to properly service clients in contemporary culture an individual must have one foot planted in the physical world and the other planted in the digital world. This strategy ensures that brands deliver multi-mediated experiences where and when the audiences will be most receptive to making a lasting connection to the brand experience.

I am also the founder of the International Experiential Marketing Association (IXMA http://ixma.org) and I'm an international speaker, blogger, media commentator and magazine columnist on all experience branding subjects and technology and social trends.


Experiential methodology, shopper Marketing, Pathway to purchase (personaes), Brand Strategy/Planning, IMC integration, Sustainable content/modeling/ideation creation through execution, consumer insights/behavior, creating immersive brand experiences, brand experience mapping, consumer experience design, creation of IP, thought leadership, emerging media, social trends, ping pong and understanding that indeed a few good people can change the world.

Honors and Awards:

  • 2007 EFFIE Final Judge
  • 2008 EFFIE Grand Jury
  • 2009 EFFIE Final Judge
  • 2010 EFFIE Final Judge
  • 2010 Digital Thought Leadership Award-HAVAS
  • 2011 EFFIE Final Judge
  • 2012 EFFIE Final Judge
  • 2013 EFFIE Final Judge

Speaking Engagements and Appearances:

  • Stanford University 5th Annual Media X Conference - Keynote Speaker - Don't Talk to Strangers - Monetizing Web 2.0 - Palo Alto
  • Korean Management Association Consultants Marketing Conference - Are You Experienced? - Keynote Speaker - Korea
  • Kid Power - Speaker - Case Study Presentation
  • Special Libraries Association Conference - Keynote Speaker - Giving Meaning to the Term Customer Engagement
  • Digital Media Conference - Panelist - Advertising 2.0: New Opportunities for Marketers - Silver Springs, MD
  • Ukrainian Marketing Association - Keynote Speaker - Kiev
  • Ad:Tech London - Panelist - Virtual Worlds - What Value Can They Bring Beyond PR & Market Research - London
  • TurnPROn - Panelist - PR 3.0 - What's The Next Big Thing? - San Francisco
  • Virtual Worlds Fall Conference and Expo - Panelist - ROI: How the Rules are Changing - San Jose
  • Adweek's Creative Conference Mashup 2007 - Keynote Speaker - Experiential Marketing: Creating Connections that Count - Los Angeles
  • NACS Show - Speaker and Workshop Leader - Internet Marketing: Way Beyond Your Website - Atlanta
  • The Israel Business Conference - Keynote Speaker, Marketing Opportunities in the New Media - Tel Aviv
  • The Global Marketing Summit - Keynote Speaker, One Brand Two Worlds - Building Effective Marketing Strategies in Real and Virtual Worlds - Myrtle Beach
  • Digital Media Conference - The Millenials - Speaker - Toronto
  • The Effie Awards - Judge - New York
  • Infopresse Experiential Marketing Conference - Keynote Speaker - Paris
  • NACS Tech - Speaker and Workshop Leader - Dallas
  • Effies Grand Jury Awards - Judge - New York
  • S&ME Annual Sales & Marketing Conference - Keynote Speaker - Francis Marion - Charleston, SC
  • IIR&PDMA Voice of the Customer - Keynote Speaker - Newport Beach
  • LAMAC Conference, Keynote Speaker - Mexico City
  • ACBTL Conference, Keynote Speaker - Bogota
  • Voice of the Consumer - Keynote Speaker - Newport Beach
  • The Effie Awards - Final Round Judge - New York
  • NACS Show, Speaker - Las Vegas
  • Voice of the Consumer Summit - Speaker - Unlocking the Voice of the Customer to Innovate through Emerging Media - Chicago
  • The Effie Awards - Final Round Judge - New York
  • DTC National Conference, Keynote Speaker - Washington, DC
  • Bogazici University Management & Economics Club 13th Brandmarker International Marketing Communication Congress - Keynote Speaker - Turkey
  • Experiential Marketing Conference - Keynote Speaker - Singapore & Hong Kong
  • Nigeria - Keynote Speaker Experiential