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Monday, 19 May 2014

Erik Hauser, the interviewer, is the Founder of the Experiential Marketing Forum

It is with great pride that I introduce The Experiential Marketing Forum's Profiles in Leadership.

The idea for it arose after I began connecting recently with a bunch of EMF community members who wanted to chat about the economic changes and what was going on with the industry. Everyone seemed to be asking like-minded questions re: what was going to happen next and how we would all be affected.

By now, everyone kind of knows my style :) - In typical Erik fashion I spent many hours on the phone just talking to people. The most important part of the conversations wasn’t the part when I was talking - it was the part when I was listening to what the community had to say.

It occurred to me that we could create a new tool on the EMF that would offer the community keen insights about our industry and other relevant subject matter from the best minds working with, and around, us all.

In reality the idea flows back to what my mom told me when I was a kid. She said,” If you find things in life that you like then associate yourself with them - if you can’t find these things - create them.” This forum is built on the vision of those words -- and I still hear her in my head each day. From a personal perspective, at the time I created the EMF I was looking to create order in the chaos I felt during one of my initial phases of my career. I needed an outlet where people spoke the same language and understood that a rising tide lifts all ships. The goal was to build a place where people would come to learn - a place where there would be interactions and give and take - even among competitors - for the greater good of the industry.

We've named this section EMF Profiles In Leadership because it involves forward thinking practitioners and theorists.

I figured that I’d throw out some questions to industry heavyweights and it could be a great learning tool for everyone to see what others are doing to make it through these tough times. Most importantly, I thought in addition to my own conversations, it would start to help answer some of the questions that the community was posing to me, and in general.

I really look forward to having some distinguished people answer some simple questions that can help the community grow their businesses, perform better at their current jobs or even help someone decide which major to select in college.

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Guy Le Compte
Events/Experiential Marketing Manager
BMW Belgium/Luxemburg

Bachelor Marketing

Books Reading:
Solomon Northup - 12 Years a slave

I dare to ask age:

Inspirational Figures:
My mother & father, Nelson Mandela.

Relationship Status:
Married since 1997. 2 Kids

Favorite Quote:
You’ll never get a second change to make a first impression.
–Will Rogers


Short bio of career path:
Belgium/Luxemburg Events/Experiential Marketing Manager BMW After completing a marketing degree in 1988, I started my career in 1989 as Special Events Officer for Tabacofina, at that time the largest and main tobacco manufacturer in Belgium and Luxemburg and part of the Rothmans Group. Over many years I developed concepts and organised events for local and international tobacco brands such as Belga, Peter Stuyvesant, Dunhill, Rothmans, among others. In 1996, I became International Sponsoring & Events Project Manager for Rothmans International, where I was responsible for many international sponsored & organised events, especially in Motorsports environment such as Formula 1, World Championship Motocross and World Championship Rally. In 2000, after the merge between Rothmans & British American Tobacco (BAT), I managed an Australian International Rally (Motorsport) Project for the Winfield brand. Between 2001 and 2005, I worked as Interim Sponsoring and Events Manager for diverse local and international companies such as Creo(scitex) EMEA and Belgacom Mobile. Since 2005 I’m is working as Events and Experiential Marketing Manager for BMW Belgium/Luxemburg, one of the most important "Premium" car manufacturers in the World.

Best describe your agency:
MODCo Group was founded on the principle that the most committed agencies act with the urgency of business owners. If you think like an employee, you’re waiting for instructions. If you think like an owner, you’re immersed in the marketplace, you’re courageous, you fly without a net. We view your business as if it was our own, our success is based on yours so there’s no room for mediocrity.

Toughest challenge overcome in your career?
Leaving after 11 years the first company (Tobacco) I worked for and where i learned the experiential marketing skills.

Favorite assignment completed to date
A lot but my favorite and quoted as best practice is the BMW Beach Lounge a BMW chill out brand & product experience on the Belgian coast.

How do you use and define experiential methodology?
Using a lot of empathy

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