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Thursday, 03 March 2011

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2011 Global Experiential Marketing Report  

Exciting stuff last week for all experiential marketers as the Experiential Marketing Forum released the "first inaugural global study" on Experiential Marketing.

Drawing on data from around the world, the report examines key issues such as external trends, marketing industry trends and of course, ROI.

To get your hands on the report you need to become a member of the Experiential Marketing Forum. It is free, and with over 10,000 members is a great place to learn, share and discuss ideas around experiential marketing. Here are a few stats we found very interesting.

The general outlook for experiential marketing and sampling was overwhelmingly positive from both agency and client side, with both looking to use these methods a lot more in the future. To us, this signals how consumers are expecting more from brands in terms of how they add value to their lives. Pushing messages out through the mass media may not be enough any more. Talking of which...

Traditional methods such as TV, print etc were considered ineffective and a drop in use of these channels seems to be in motion. We would argue these channels certainly have a place in the marketing mix in terms of amplifying experiential activity so would be hesitant to call them ineffective. Maybe the key is understanding how they fit in to the comms mix.

It is much the same with social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter with many considering them ineffective, yet realising their use will increase in the near future. Again, we would argue these platforms can be great for amplifying experiential activity and vice versa when used in the right way.

Overall, the report signalled that experiential marketing, brand engagement and the event industry as a whole are all in rude health. It is well worth getting the full breakdown by signing up to the EMF.

Geoff Griffiths
Content Development Manager
Hotcow Experiential Marketing Agency
Published Mar 03 2011, 09:54 AM by Sally Durcan
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