Experiential Marketing Forum Profiles In Leadership - May 2010
Sunday, 06 June 2010
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Jeffrey Hayzlett
Chief Marketing Officer

Attended Augustana College, studied government and international affairs

Books Reading:
How Rome Fell and Caesar: Life of a Colossus by Adrian Goldsworthy

Chore Whore: Adventures of a Celebrity Personal Assistant by Heather H. Howard

I dare to ask age ...:

Inspirational Figures:
In life, my family. In business, too many to count but I have always admired Lee Iacocoa and the business leaders in his mold that I have studied and worked with.

Relationship Status:
I married my college sweetheart, Tami, and we have a daughter, Lindsey (who serves as my personal publicist) and a son, Tyler (who is about to graduate college) and will soon add a daughter-in-law, Justina.

Favorite Quote:
“Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war” – Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar


One of your most favorite assignments completed to date?
It’s a tie between Kodak’s launch of the commercial and consumer ink jet platforms in the fight against Big Ink and the creation of the Kodak Challenge for the PGA Tour, which is a great example of using OPM (Other People’s Money) to draw attention to your company/brand.

Toughest Challenge Overcome in Your Career?
It is the same at every business I have worked at or taken over: Changing mood in a company.

What was your Defining Moment at your company?
Getting Kodak to hire to hire me – getting them to take a chance on a guy who was then running a small PR firm in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and hire me to run one of the most iconic brands in the world.

Your vision of where we will all be in 10 years (non-apocalyptic)
Reading my latest and biggest bestseller and watching a slimmer and tanner me hosting my newest television show on the biggest and latest success stories in business – all in 3-D!

Best describe Your Company
It’s Kodak, duh – what else do I have to say? We’re not your father’s Kodak either – we have our mojo back baby!

Why do clients choose your Company and how have you been able to maintain such long relationships?
Kodak is about emotional images and information in your business and personal life – and we helped make, manage, and move those images and that information for more than 130 years. That connection could not be deeper. We are a brand people trust.

Advice for those entering into the space from college?
Jump in with two feet – roar with gusto and give it all you can! Remember no one’s going to die in marketing so have fun, grow professionally, and build wealth for you and your family every step of the way.

Advice to the smaller shop owners in this tough economic climate?
They say in good times advertise and in bad times advertise more – that couldn’t be more true today. You must get in front of customers who want to buy your products again and again and again. Hustle more than the guy down the street and be a winner, because winners always win.

How you use and define experiential methodology?
It’s the doing in marketing and at Kodak it is easy to find: We make products for people to touch, see, and even smell – can’t be more experiential than that. That’s how we create that emotional connection. We want customers on the consumer and commercial side to experience it everything we do and sell and that’s what sets our company apart from the others.

Tell us about your new book?
I want to know: When was the last time you did a mirror test on your company? You know, to make sure that your business is still alive and breathing. I think EVERY business needs to do a mirror test on itself right away and that’s what this book is about. I want you to take a good hard look at your business practices, and in THE MIRROR TEST: IS YOUR BUSINESS REALLY BREATHING?, I show you all the marketing, management, selling, and customer service techniques you need to survive and soar ahead of your competition. I will force you to thoughtfully yet aggressively evaluate, deconstruct, and then reconstruct your business into one that’s alive and breathing strong every day. Through inspirational and entertaining stories and examples, I’ll show you how to pitch you or what you sell in 8 seconds or less, how print can compete in the age of digital and social media and complement it, how to fire your customers, charge as much as you can for your products and services (yes, I am serious), and how a bad experience with liver and onions taught me one of my most important business lessons. At the very least, I’ll make you think bigger – and smile!

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