Are You Creating Expanded Experiences?
Monday, 22 November 2010

Posted by David Camps

As an aspiring experience engineer, I try to imagine how a typical consumer experience from any related market can get better. I do this as an exercise and I recommend it to anyone of you. I was doing the remaining washing up of the day, at home, and the thought and picture just came across my mind :

- A painter who offers its services to a family with children, for painting his house, could also involve the children in the task as a sort of learning, fun, and engaging expanded experience,.....

I was then visioning the happy parents, the kids with a little painter uniform following the master-funny class of their brushing mentor, and our painter converting his once routine task ,into a more satisfactory and social experience.

That´s a keypoint, I think there´s always a way to make any experience more sociable, engaging, remarkable, ....and I will call that an expanded experience if I can coin that term.

Normally you can come up with ideas for "expanding" the experience, when you think of some unusual benefits or uncovered needs from the customer point of view, when using your products or services. Exploring this you start finding emotionally and socially ways to connect more deeply with your customers.

So always there´s an opportunity standing there, but we must reach the right thinking dimension where it stands.

I hope you like also this insight, and you think about it when designing any consumer experience.

I´d love to hear your comments also about the topic.